You Make The Call

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Scenario #1:

With a base runner on third, leading off the base in foul territory and the 3rd baseman playing deep. The batter hits the ball and the ball caroms off of the 3rd base bag, hitting the runner in foul territory.

Question: Is the runner occupying 3rd base out? Is this a "dead ball", or is the ball still in play?

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Scenario #2:

With a base runner (R1) on 2nd base, the batter hits a ball between the shortstop (F6) and the 3rd baseman (F5). F5 & F6 are playing in front of R1 for a possible bunt. The batter hits a ball that gets past F5 & F6 and hits R1, deflecting into foul territory. F6, by playing in, had no chance to make a play on the batted ball.

Question: What is the ruling on this play?

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Scenario #3:

Runners on second and third with one out, and a 3-2 count on the batter. The batter swings and misses on a pitch in the dirt. The runner from third attempts to score. The catcher retrieves the ball and tries to toss it to the pitcher covering the plate. The batter, not realizing that he is not out, gets a very late break to first base. The batter-runner's late action blocks the catcher from throwing home. The catcher, having no other option, throws to first to retire the batter-runner.

Question: Who is out, and does the run score?

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Scenario #4:

Runner on second base, right handed pitcher working from the stretch. Pitcher comes to a complete and discernable stop. Batter shows bunt, and the third baseman charges. Runner breaks for third, which is not covered. With no other motion that would warrant a balk, the pitcher steps directly toward third base and throws to the shortstop who is trailing the play. The shortstop catches the ball and tags the runner out 12-15 feet from third base.

Question: Is this a balk or a legal play?

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