If you are looking for a great experience for your son(s) and, or daughter(s) playing "competitive recreational baseball," you should consider MERBL.
Some of what we offer:
 Recreational Baseball For Ages: 7th-8th Grade; High School; & 18-Up MEN (Need Players or Teams)
  • Everyone plays. (minimum playing time rules apply)
  • Bat the roster, with free substitution.
  • No try outs. Everyone is placed on a team.
  • Will accept teams, as well as individual players.
  • Any extra players will get placed on teams. Will attempt to find a team close to player's hometown.
  • Top level umpiring. All umpires are NFHS certified. Consistent rule interpretation, as all umpires come from the same pool.
  • You will have easy access to MERBL officials, if questions, or concerns, arise.
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Contact Mike Kamp, MERBL, (618) 560-5485 for more information.