MERBL High School All-Star Game Rules
Saturday, June 24, 2017
Game Time 5:00pm

I. The Game Set Up
A. Play a 9 inning game
B. Use "wood bats" only (I can supply)
C. Use a 4 umpire system
D. National League vs American League
E. Head coach will be the coach with best record at end of day 6/21/2017.
F. Every coach encouraged to be involved
G. If 9 teams per league; each team sends 3 players. Attempt to hold player count to 27 per team.
H. If more than 9 teams per league, adjustments will be made.

II. Game Rules
A. Regular Season Rules Apply, Accept where noted.
B. Bat the lineup
C. Free substitution
D. Players must wear their spring/summer team jersey.
E. Pitchers can only pitch 1 inning, or 3 outs.
F. With 27 players; every player will play 3 innings in the field (unless the home team does not bat in
the bottom of their 9th inning). This is a strict rule. Nobody is shorted playing time in order to win an
"exhibition" game.

III. Cost to Players, Coaches, Umpires & Fans
A. Everyone coming through the gate is required to have (2) items for our local food pantry. This
includes players, coaches and umpires.
B. Everyone, not directly involved with the operation of the game will be charged $5.00.
C. This fee is good for the entire day's activities, including morning contests.
D. Will be asking each coach to contribute a $20 bill.
IV. Concessions, photographer and venders on Sight.