Metro East Recreational Baseball League History

Fletcher Field in Woodland Park

Fletcher Field in Woodland Park, Collinsville "Ready For Baseball"

The high school recreational baseball league was born in Collinsville as a division of the CBSL. I am not sure if the "High School Baseball Division" was part of the original Baseball & Softball league, which started in 1961. I know, however, that it existed in the 1980's. I have been the caretaker since 1997. By this time teams from Troy had been playing Collinsville teams for several years. Today, we have teams in O'Fallon, Highland, Belleville, Millstadt, Troy, Godfrey, Dupo, and Collinsville. Discussions with other communities are ongoing.

Our goal has always been to offer high school kids an opportunity to play baseball during the summer. Anyone that is going to be a "freshman" in the coming "fall" school year, or anyone that graduated high school in the spring is eligible to play in our league. We will have players aged 14 to 18. We do not allow "Legion Players" on these summer recreational teams.

Most of our players will be players that did not make their High School teams. Complete teams, as well as individual players, are welcome. We play a 16-18 game season, followed by a "double elimination playoff". We also have an annual "All-Star Game" in late June. The season starts during the last week of May for some teams. Everyone is playing by the first week of June. Teams will play 2-3 games per week. Teams should expect to play one or two doubleheaders during the course of their season.

I will do the scheduling based on field and day information provided by each Park District. I am able to schedule younger teams versus each other at the start of the season. By the end of the season, most of the young teams will be very competitive with the older teams. In 2013 our youngest team played our oldest team in the final playoff game.

Coach Mike Kamp