Mission Statement

Baseball and Bat

The Metro East Recreational Baseball League is an organization that was created for and is dedicated to the development of young people in our community. It is our intent to grow and expand to include all ages. It is our belief that this goal can be accomplished by providing leadership for athletic-based activities and by promoting equitable opportunity, good citizenship, and good sportsmanship. The MERBL is a recreational league that does not support or promote the practice of tryouts.

MERBL believes that participation in athletics enriches the players' overall educational experience, develops good citizenship and healthy lifestyles, and promotes involvement in the community. MERBL believes that each individual is important and each individual's involvement and acceptance of personal responsibility is critical.

MERBL believes that sportsmanship is a core value and its promotion and practice are essential and that equality and fairness must always be safeguarded. MERBL believes in respect, appropriation, and acceptation of diversity.

MERBL believes the process of striving to reach one's full potential is more important than winning and that integrity and honesty are nonnegotiable. MERBL also believes the pursuit of excellence of all participants is not limited to the playing field.

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